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Michael Medved: is he a conservative radio talk show host?

Michael Medved is a strong supporter of Mitt Romney. Let’s look at Romney’s views.

Here is Mitt Romney on abortion:

And more:

Mitt Romney on immigration:

Mitt Romney on global warming:

Here is Mitt Romney on gun control:

Here is Mitt Romney on embryonic stem cell research:

Here is Mitt Romney on the flat tax:

So long as Michael Medved endorses Romney, then Michael Medved is not a conservative in any sense of the word.

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One Response

  1. Marshall Art says:

    Medved also was a strong supporter of McCain the last time around. Though I believe McCain to be a decent sort, he was not the most conservative candidate in the primaries. Medved has a history of supporting those he thinks have the best chance of winning, despite moderate Republicans either losing at the polls or losing in battles with moderate-to-liberal majorities in Congress.

    It’s really too bad that conservative pundits won’t push the most conservative people, but pretend to not endorse anyone. They have the means to really spend lots of time explaining why the conservative people are good for the nation, but won’t. Disappointing.

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