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For now, I prefer to keep anonymous, although I may add additional details to this page later.

My political views are a mixture of conservative and libertarian. I believe in free market capitalism and liberty, and especially in religious liberty.  I favor a strong defense abroad, “peace through strength”, as Reagan would have it.

Theologically, I am a conservative evangelical Protestant Christian. I favor the old-earth (14 billion-year universe) perspective, and I am a firm supporter of intelligent design. Socially, I am pro-life, pro-chastity, pro-abstinence and pro-traditional-marriage.

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You can contact me by e-mail. I am trying to avoid spam, so you have to take substitute the @ for (at) below and a period for the (dot) below and squash all the words together so that there are no spaces between the words. I.e. – remove the spaces spaces between the words “wintery”, “knight” and “blog”. Thank you.

wintery knight blog (at) yahoo (dot) com

I will not publish your e-mail unless you ask me to publish it and reply to it. But I will re-publish very mean e-mails without permission. Please don’t use vulgar language, and try to be kind, if you can. It helps to imagine that you are talking directly to me in a customer line at a bank. Would you still say those mean things? I didn’t think you would.


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