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Friday night movie: The Cruel Sea (1953)

Here’s tonight’s movie:

IMDB rating: [7.6/10]


At the start of World War II, Cmdr. Ericson is assigned to convoy escort HMS Compass Rose with inexperienced officers and men just out of training. The winter seas make life miserable enough, but the men must also harden themselves to rescuing survivors of U-Boat attacks, while seldom able to strike back. Traumatic events afloat and ashore create a warm bond between the skipper and his first officer. Atmospheric sea footage.

The Battle of the Atlantic: British and Canadian convoys carry supplies across the North Atlantic to supply Allied forces in Europe and Africa.

Allied supply convoy crossing the Atlantic

Allied supply convoy crossing the Atlantic

Here’s a closer look at the Flower class corvette used by the heroes of the movie:

Flower class escort ship

Flower class corvette


  • Displacement: 950 tons
  • Dimensions: 62.5 x 10.0 x 3.5 meters (205 x 33 x 11.5 feet)
  • Propulsion: Single shaft; 2 fire tube Scotch boilers; 1 4-cyl. triple expansion steam engine, 2750 hp.;  16 knots
  • Range: 3500 nm. at 12 knots
  • Crew: 85
  • Radar: SW1C or 2C (later)
  • Sonar: Type 123A, later Type 127DV
  • Fire control: none
  • Main gun: 1 4″ BL Mk.IX single (range: 12,660 m / 13,850 yd)
  • Anti-aircraft: 2 .50 cal mg twin, 2 Lewis .303 cal mg twin
  • Anti-submarine: 2 Mk.II depth charge throwers, 2 depth charge rails with 40 depth charges

Here is a listing of common navy ships, ordered by size from largest to smallest:

  • Aircraft Carrier (CV)
  • Battleship (BB)
  • Cruiser (CA)
  • Destroyer (DD)
  • Frigate (FF)
  • Corvette (K)

Sound action stations! All ahead full!

Happy Friday!

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