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The meaning of white roses

What do white roses mean?

What do white roses mean?

I wrote this post to encourage Christian men to find faithful Christian women and support them with a gift of white roses. If you know a woman who is faithful but neglected, then white roses are the perfect gift. And in the rest of the post, I want to explain why.

I’ll start with a couple of articles that explain the message I am trying to send a woman with white roses. One you understand what the meaning of white roses is, then you’ll get ideas on how to communicate to a woman by giving them to her.


The meaning of shimmering white roses is not very hard to decipher if you go by their appearance. The color white has always been synonymous with purity and virtue. And so, sincerity, purity, and chastity are some of the obvious meanings of a white rose. When you need to convince that your affections are straight from the heart and are as pure as virgin snow, use a white rose. But there are more hidden meanings in a white rose than meets the eye.

White has ever been a symbol of innocence, of a world unspoiled and untarnished. The meaning of a bunch of glowing white roses is innocence and spiritual love. The white rose glorifies a love that is unaware of the temptations of the flesh and resides only in the soul. As opposed to the red rose that speaks of passionate promises, the meaning of a white rose is in its simplicity and pristine purity.

That’s the standard mainstream meaning of white roses. I normally give three of them, to symbolize the Trinity. (My banner is a pure black field with 3 narrow horizontal pure white stripes)

But there’s more – there’s a meaning to white roses that is much higher than mere feelings.

How about this?

It has also come to mean loyalty and faith, which can be strongly linked to purity. In true love, faithfulness and loyalty are implicit, despite distance or time. For these symbols, white roses are a perfect gift to a beloved who is far away, as they will display not only your love, but also your fidelity. White roses are also the perfect gift to send to a platonic friend, for a similar reason: constant, faithful love, mixed with the symbolism of innocence, is a wonderful way to show your love for a dear friend.

[…]At the same time, as the uses throughout history have shown, the white rose is also a symbol of strong resistance and the will to stand for one’s beliefs at any cost. Giving a white rose as a gift is a very strong gift. It is not fleeting passion or romance, which is too often what the red rose conveys. The white rose is a strong and consistent love, which is pure, faithful and sacrificial. Not many flowers have such a powerful meaning to their name. And this meaning comes to the rose not only through folklore and stories, but through true histories of brave people fighting for their cause. The white rose is a beautiful flower, with beautiful symbolism, and a friend or lover should be proud to give this flower as a gift to those they love steadily and faithfully.

White roses also stand for humility, reverence, honor and secrecy.

Desert Rose by White Heart

I like this old song by the Christian band White Heart a lot.

Desert Rose Lyrics:

Lost in a windswept land
In a world of shifting sand
A fragile flower stands apart

There in that barren ground
Feel like the only one
Trying to serve Him with all your heart

And you wonder, wonder
Can you last much longer?
This cloud you are under
Will it cover you?

Desert rose, desert rose
Don’t you worry, don’t be lonely
Heaven knows, Heaven knows
In a dry and weary land a flower grows
His desert rose, desert rose

Sometimes holiness
Can seem like emptiness
When you feel the whole world’s laughing eyes

If it’s a lonely day
Know you’re on the Father’s way
He will hear you when you cry

And He will hold you, hold you
Your Father will hold you
He will love you, love you
For the things you do

Desert rose, desert rose
Don’t you worry, don’t be lonely
Heaven knows, Heaven knows
In a dry and weary land a flower grows
His desert rose, desert rose

Desert rose, desert rose
Don’t you worry, don’t be lonely
Heaven knows, Heaven knows
In a dry and weary land a flower grows
His desert rose, desert rose

Desert rose, don’t be lonely, don’t be lonely
Desert rose, ooh, don’t you worry
Desert rose, don’t you know He’ll be with you
Heaven knows, Heaven knows
He will call your tattered heart on
Desert rose

One of the nice things about giving a good woman white roses is that you don’t have to worry about being rejected by her. You’re not trying to start a relationship, necessarily. You just pick the woman who has the best developed Christian worldview, and then give her white roses to support her in her efforts. Has she been reading a good apologetics book? Then give her white roses. Has she been lecturing on the pro-life view in her church? Then give her white roses. Has she been explaining what’s wrong with gay marriage? Then give her white roses. Is she volunteering or donating to help a conservative political candidate? And so on.

I know women who are doing everything in that list, so they can’t be too hard to find. Don’t pick the ones that you like. Don’t pick the ones that meets cultural standards. Don’t pick the ones that your friends approve of. Pick the one who serves God self-sacrificially. The one who has put God first, and her own happiness second.

Consider John 13:34-35:

 34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Jesus is speaking there – and he’s saying that it matters how you treat other Christians.

One word of caution: you don’t want to try this on anyone who is not a serious Christian.  Pick one who likes apologetics, is conservative on fiscal policy, social policy and foreign policy, and who has a solid Christian worldview. If you link the white roses to specific good actions that the woman is doing, then there really is nothing to worry about. Just explain to her what the roses mean and the specific things that she has done to impress you. That takes the pressure off of her to have to do anything back.

By the way, I usually give 3 in a vase, to symbolize the Trinity.

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9 Responses

  1. Naledi Makumsha says:

    Wow before this post I never liked roses. I felt they were cliché. And now I’ve changed my mind lol!

  2. Rebecca says:

    White Roses are beautiful. Also, concider the White Rose as a Saint. I would ask that you would see.


  3. agnesduma says:

    Thank you, dear unknown friend.
    I call you friend – for all these words of yours about white roses which touch deeply my heart.
    I am part of a history which began with three white roses in a vase. This story was finished today with a single white rose.
    Thank you, again. This photo is awesome. I am so lonely.
    A little gift for your beautiful heart:

    • Wow, it’s a lovely video! Thanks! I love ice and snow and rushing water.

      • agnesduma says:

        Dear Wintery Knight, I am glad because you love it! I am also glad because I can share these beauties with you.
        And you see, I think… a single white rose is the most proper symbol of our Heavenly Bridegroom. We need His purity. My heart finds comfort in the thought that each of us are part of His Mystical Body. Just as white heart-shaped petals are trapped in a single rose. I also believe that white rose is the symbol of Heaven. We can reach the top, just climbing on its stem with thorns – the path full of pain – for purifying the passions.

  4. Rachel says:

    That is really beautiful, thank you for sharing! I also appreciate being able to read through your other posts.

  5. aquietmimic says:

    White Roses always reminded me of Blessed Virgin Mary, from St Louis de Montfort’s book, “The Secret of the Rosary”

    I like your take on the white rose.

  6. Theresa Rival says:

    Thank you! I found this site after being told by a young girl at church, when she looks at me she sees a white rose.. I now know the meaning. What a blessing.. praise God!! :-)

  7. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful post. I lost my love to non-hodgkins lymphoma two weeks ago. He wasn’t really the romantic type, neither am I. The only time he sent me flowers, way back in the beginning of our relationship in 2006, he sent me a dozen white roses. They were absolutely gorgeous and with an exquisite fragrance. I cried when I received them. We never married, in fact we had broken up and then came back together as casual friends, then best friends and our love deepened over the last couple of years in a totally spiritual, non-physical way, mainly because he was so sick. I cared for him in the final months of his life. He was the love of my life and my soulmate – I knew this from the day I met him. I dug a couple of forever stamps out of my wallet today. I almost never mail stuff, but one was a birthday card for his amazing daughter who was here helping to care for him the final 2 weeks. The other for a donation to the Lymphoma Research Foundation in his memory. I had 2 stamps with a picture of 2 white roses. I miss you my love. :-(

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