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Video: Dr. Ben Carson on the Sean Hannity show

I have no idea how long this will stay up on YouTube, so watch it now!

Here’s an earlier interview with Hannity as well. This is a good example of what you see on Fox News. Honest, long-format detailed explorations of the real issues.

My understanding is that HE IS open to running for President.

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One Response

  1. wm brown says:

    This was a fabulous hour with Dr. Carson. What a refreshingly courageous man. His life rebukes practically all that Obama stands for and believes in. He’s the ‘anti-Obama’ in every way – a man who rose to the top through nothing but hard work and a refusal to buy into politically correct brain-washing. He states that government schools and PC thought-police actively, if subconsciously, work to keep blacks in government-dependent slavery. And he shows the way out to true freedom, both cultural and spiritual. Read his books – they are wonderful.

    God bless Ben Carson. I pray he will run for president.

    –Wm. Brown MD

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